What Is The Affiliate Marketing ?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is being known as the best business to make money from the internet.

There are many ways but it is the really best and smart investment to make a passive income.

In brief, sell the product of someone to be an affiliate marketer.

I would like to show you that to understand better simply.
First of all, only try to understand below sketch. Do not hurry up for more information.


Affiliate marketing logic


As you can see, logic is quite simple. I will explain to you each phase to understand better and show you how to achieve your goal in detail.

I seem to hear that

  • How much investment necessary?
  • When can I earn my first commission?
  • I tried many times but failed. How can you prove your way is right? etc…

You are totally right to ask these questions before investing your time. The entire common didactic answer of the questions will be shown you with the real people success story.

Before choosing your strategy just pay attention to walk with a successful community. Since the rules and advantages change often. It is time to catch them with Wealth Leverage formula.

This blog’s aim to teach people who are beginner-intermediate on how to become a successful affiliate marketer.


When can I make money with affiliate marketing?

The “mrsshogunaffiliates” website is created for people who have a passion to make revenue in this industry. It totally depends on your passion. I saw many people in Wealth affiliate community they took their first commission within a month. This is an amazing feeling believe me. This amazing feeling can take 3 months literally. So If you want to make passive income in online use your passion with your patience.

The main reason is that affiliate marketing challenge is growing day by day. But still, it is using by less smart people.

This is looking at the home structure. If your construction is the strength do not worry about an earthquake. Your visit will increase every day so they will make your dream real.

Remember that;

            • Be honest always for your audience; everything can be built in trust
            • Do not sell anything else; Just help them to solve their problem then they will buy
            • Tell your audience shortly why you are here; They have to be sure what is your purpose here.
            • Tell your audience shortly who are you; People want to know who will help me
            • Focus your audience problem, There are many problems to solve
            • The benefit is huge, do not afraid for the next step.



Let me explain the worst case of making money online. Some people are learning missing information and invest their money to take action. This is all dangerous and wrong way except taking action. People who lost money and time will be unmotivated then quit from this business. So you should take the right taking action on time. I know that very well because I spent many many times and lots of money before starting this business. Finally, I found a good product to learn to take action properly.

I failed many times, show me proof…

I know people who decide to become an affiliate marketer want to see a proof for motivation. It does not work guys. As I said before you should start with a small step with your passion/patience to see your first commission. It will make you motivated. Because when you get your first commission you should aware of that your dream is really near.

Unfortunately, you will feel the taste of successful suddenly. After that, you will hit your last pickaxe.

When passive income come to people, they are hard working. This is why, firstly you should believe that affiliate marketing is smart and serious business.

Am I right?


Hope, you understand my willing about teaching everything I know with my passion.

⇒ Believe

⇒ Do not be lazy

⇒ Do not give up


Please do not hesitate to ask me a question.

Move on the next step



All the best!

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