John’s Super Affiliate System review – Legit or Scam [2019]

Hi there! You probably want to make your first commission or leverage your business with a good product. I am going to explain to you that my experience with Super Affiliate System product. From now on, I will call it SAS shortly.

Let me talk about a brief introduction about SAS before expanding it.

  • Founder: JohnCrestani
  • Founded: 2018
  • Category: Affiliate Marketing Training and Strategies
  • Other programs: Internet Jetset
  • Legit: Yes
  • Price: $997




Who is John Crestani as the founders of SAS and Jetset?

John Crestani is a successful affiliate marketer who earns approximately $500K in a month. There is no doubt in my mind that He is good at in this industry and his knowledge is great. His products are being bought by many countries today. Some people blame him because he became an affiliate for scam products before. I won’t mention these products because it is not a topic of this post. Just know that these products are not easy to make money online. Benefits were huge, but many entrepreneurs should lose money for others successful. That’s why I do not blame him because he might be promoted these products to who want to get risky for a huge commission.

He has been in this industry for over 10 years. He is good at teaching regarding any kind of paid advertising strategies such as Facebook, Search Engines, YouTube, etc… So, he challenged to make your first commission on the same day. Nevertheless, doing something and teaching something is not equal. SAS is his second campaign after the Internet Jetset. SAS can get a better platform when I compare it with other products as I joined many programmes.

Is SAS the best for a newbie or advanced?

SAS education sometimes can be difficult to understand for the newbies. Since contents include various technical words such as SEO, PPC, CPA, etc. Even starting from scratch, you can not keep in mind these words in the same training to understand core. Therefore, I think you are interested in affiliate marketing and want to get a result as quickly as you can. If you do not have enough experience, I do not suggest you start with this programme. One of the factors which have brought this about is paid advertising difficulties. But, if you work on Google, Facebook or Bing&Yahoo; ads before, I highly recommend you join SAS to increase your conversion rate for your campaigns. While it is true to say that affiliate marketing is beneficial. In fact, it will also take time to use all strategies.



Inside Super Affiliate System of John Crestani


Before SAS education, 12 weeks training tutorial should be completed training due to building your business effectively.

Actually, these tutorials make sense to start from scratch. SAS is more suitable for advanced skill member but the Internet Jetset consist of plenty of basic information for a first step into the affiliate marketing.

I would like to mention this information before the walk-in through with SAS.

SAS’s 6-week plan is totally set up to leverage your commission.

Below I will cover this 6-week plan in detail.

Week 1 — Introduction and System Setup

The first-week includes a very early stage to start affiliate marketing with Clickbank that is a huge platform for a digital product for affiliate marketers. Below topics will bring you an opportunity to promote various Clickbank’s digital products. All things considered, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that you should want to be part of an affiliate marketer of SAS.

  • Goal setting
  • How to join affiliate network (Clickbank, JVzoo etc.)
  • Setting up your website
  • Setting up your pre-sell page (to increase your ROI)
  • Setting up Facebook Ads (SAS will cover it in detail too)
  • How to best work with any Affiliate networks

The main theme is the System Setup


Week 2 — Success Skills

Before taking action to promote your products, you should focus on a profitable niche and create the right intent behind it. This is the first plan to be successful. Recent research indicates that the number of people who plan before taking action is increasing.

  • Behind the Entrepreneur Mindset
  • How to research profitable Niche
  • How to pick up profitable offers
  • How to Choose Ad Networks
  • Researching Niches from the Internet
  • Efficient network strategies
  • Understanding Intent & target

The main theme is Understanding System



Week 3 — Marketing Skills

In this section, you will learn some very important skills to be a real affiliate marketer and understand the intent of people with the behaviour behind wealthy ads.

  • How to write tremendous copywriting
  • Ronnie Sandlin’s copywriting tactics
  • Jon’s Superior 17 steps copywriting method
  • How to optimize your ads campaigns
  • Advanced optimization strategies

The main theme is Marketing Basic Skills

Week 4 — Facebook and Google Ads

Many people show us the rules and superior tactics either by recording video or writing blogs. But they do not show us a live proof with their ads campaigns.In a way, John Crestani proved his tactics work very well.

  • Generate Successful Facebook Ads
  • Facebook ad policy
  • Understanding Metrics in Advertising
  • Google Adwords (Part 1 & Part 2)
  • Tricks while creating Facebook and Google ads

The main theme is Facebook and Google Ads


Week 5 — Youtube and Native Ads

In this training, you are shown how to set up your advertising as follows:

  • Outbrain Native Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Volumm Display Ads
  • MGID Native Ads

The main theme is Youtube and Native Ads Tactics

Week 6  — Scaling and Outsourcing Strategies

In my opinion, the best section is in module 5. All kind of business model needs to measure whether their action works or not.

If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it (Peter Drucker)

  • How to scale your campaigns up to $20K
  • How to increase your commission with Survey funnels tactic
  • How to utilize hot buyers of media
  • Various case studies

The main theme is Scaling and Automation

==> Click here to learn deeply by joining to SAS


Some of the Proofs from SAS member

John Crestani has various social network accounts and his students are sharing their results by applying SAS strategies. They are not only promoting SAS but also promoting different digital and others. Please look out below pictures to judge how beneficial they have with this system.




Super Affiliate System Pros and Cons


  • Step by step comprehensive video course
  • The quick result with paid advertising
  • John Crestani weekly coaching live webinar
  • Tutorial on how to create sales funnel
  • 60-day Money-back guarantee (Click here to join)
  • All basic tools to generate a successful campaign


  • Insufficient support
  • High price to sign up
  • Many pre-sell in the system
  • Other products affiliate links
  • Price includes bonuses cost


In my opinion,

John’s Super affiliate system product is definitely legit, and he provides good training. Internet Jetset and SAS both should be preferred in order to get the benefit more. The product can be chosen to make a huge income but not for poor entrepreneurs who want to generate passive income because of the ticket price. Instead of it, low price and high-quality products can be selected to lunch create wealthy business first and then SAS can be used to leverage your income by applying targeted paid traffic advertising.









Best regards,



  1. Hello Shogun, very helpful review I must say. Honestly, although this product is high in price I would like to try it primarily because of learning about YouTube ads from experts. Money-back guarantee is a great feature of this which mean that it actually works. I definitely need to give it a try, thank you for sharing, I was looking for some serious review about Jhon’s Super Affiliate.

    • Hello Daniel,

      Thanks yo SAS you can learn some tough information about paid advertising. If It does not help you, do not hesitate to quit before trial time end up 🙂 I hope, it will bring you success as you wish but if you build serious online business I definitely recommend you Wealthy affiliate which I shared the link in my post.

      My recommended product : https://mrshogunaffiliates.com

  2. Actually this review have been a very good one, firstly you introduced to me from crash the founders of the program and you show different testimonials, but  as a beginner like me is this program good for me to join? And secondly do the program had any lesser amount of subscriptions than the amount mentioned in the review? How does the system pay me? 

    • Hi,

      Many of my readers asked these question from here and private message. As a summary, the programme is not suitable for newbies(beginners). I suggest you start with my first recommendation programme which is Wealthy Affiliate. Join with my link that includes bonuses to start the first month $19 instead of $49 within 7 days.

      This is a great bonus to action takers.

      Take care.

  3. I had not ever heard of this SAS. I am a little confused though. It sounds as though you are advocating SAS, but also that it might not be good for newbies, is that correct? I only ask because I am indeed a newbie and most everyone I know would fall into that category as well. 

    Moreover, this does sound to be a rather expensive course. I have read about a site, Wealthy Affiliate, and it sounded to be more reasonable and easier to use and understand course. Have you heard of this?

    • Hi,

      Yes, you are right. SAS is not a proper product for newbies even SAS claim for newbies. On the other hand, the cost average is higher than equal products. 

      Wealth affiliates is a great product which is my first recommendation. It includes step by step tremendous tutorial for newbies even though for advanced skill members. Price is cheaper and quality is the best according to me. Since I used many programs and I have never seen as comprehensive as Wealthy Affiliate.

      Hope It will be useful for you.

      Take care

  4. Thank you for preparing a review of the Super Affiliate System.   I’ve heard some people mention it and wanted to learn more about it.   

    I find myself a little bit torn on this program, even after reading your review.   

     On one hand, a person get’s judged by the company they keep and the products they choose to promote.   The rumored association and/or promotion of a company that was shut down by the FTC makes me feel like he can not entirely be trusted.  Someone as successful as he says that he is should be aware of exactly what kind of company he is promoting.    His willingness to work or promote unethical companies makes me concerned that he cares more about money than people.   

    On the other hand, the SAS program does appear to have a lot of educational material available especially for someone that is interested in utilizing paid ads.   I suppose if someone wants to spend that much for the SAS training, they will learn something.   

    Me…. as I write this and think about it, I am inclined to think that I will pass and continue to look for other programs.  My reputation is at stake.  I’d rather play it safe and give my business to companies that have the best reputations possible.     

    • Hello Sondra,

      Thank you for your comment. You are right what concern you have about the product and its owner. We really do not want to see people who care about only money in this industry. On the other hand, he promoted a product which was shut down by FTC was popular and there were not many high ticket product to sell. That’s why I am afraid of blaming drastically people who promoted company like that.

      Moreover, to earn money is not easy nowadays while working in a regular job, we should spend all day. I have respect who have suspicious against the product which was denied by any foundation.

      To sum up, I wish everyone take a benefit from my review and look for a proper product to lunch their consistent bizz. I will never stop to advise my recommendations to help them.

      Best regards.


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