How To Sell Your Product Online For Free [Guide For Beginner]

The Internet is the biggest market in the world. Everything is possible there if you have an idea about how to sell your product online for free. I believe that you searched about it before landing my page. So I feel confident because I am going to show you an incredible way to create your business online efficiently. Every single day, billions of products are being sold by people who know the technique.

What Is The Circle Of Profit Online Selling

Include four steps but the important things to understand their component. I will explain them below so you can create your beginner level business with those tools.

Find A Niche

There are plenty of niches to offer your customer on the Internet. I suggest you choose a niche that makes you happy to write about that. It means you can work anytime cheerily. Before choosing a niche, you have to ask a few questions to find a suitable niche which is matching with your goals.

If you have no idea how to choose a niche, I am going to summarise a method to find it effectively.

1. What are your habits to talk inspired?

It could be topics or ideas that make you happy to explain to your friend all the time. Find out your motivation to become successful in what you will be done with your ideas. I always remember this proverb before starting a business. “Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest tomorrow”. I believe that get me destination I deserved.

2. Focus on the problem solving of your audience.

I assumed you are a prospering person regarding some topics because those are your habits. What about other people?

They want to learn these topics or use in their life often, but they do not enough information about how to do that.

In this case, you should talk with them to cover their missing naturally.

3. Find out your rival candidates to see how they are talking with your audience.

As you may acknowledge, Google is a great platform to reach your competitor’s website with your related keywords about a niche. Many resources will be taught you a beginning direction.

4. Learn to get traffic to your website

This subject is the most critical phase for beginners. If you do not know how to get targeted traffic to your website, It will not be a surprise failure. The following subjects are going to highlight key points to preserve you, non-starter entrepreneur.

To help you, I am going to cover here a few niches that are proof of oneself in the online business industry.

  • Make money online (#1. Recommended)
  • Weight loss and Fitness (#2. Recommended)
  • Dating & Relationship
  • Healthy
  • Beauty Care
  • Technology

If you are interested in the above topic(s) or make some of them excited you, to learn in every aspect, you can start out today.

Build A Website

First, I would like to engage your attention about staying away from low-quality website creation to promote something quickly with having information. You may research something about creating a website to offer with PPC(Pay Per Click) getting result immediately. This is another failure for newbies.

If you really want to learn how to sell your product online TO HELP customers, consider a high-quality website. In the beginning, you need;

Website builder: I recommend you to use Word Press which includes many great plugins to scale and grow your business(website).

Ensure basic formal tabs:

First, High-quality should be included information about you because your audience is a human who wants to know the owner of the calling.

Second, it will create a privacy policy.

Third, tab menu needs to navigate your post.

Create your content: You are definitely in my post. I only have a target to talk with you naturally,  in other words providing my humble experience in a conversation as though face to face.

Please give me your comment on what is your experience in terms of feeling?

Of course, there is much cool knowledge, but I can not cover all technical details here. I will write another post soon about it. But do not worry. I will tell you a great product that you can find in full.

Note: I do not want to disrupt your focus, so at the end of the post I will share it.

Get Traffic

Lack of website traffic is totally on a hiding to nothing. I am sure you definitely agree with me. Before driving the traffics, learn how to walk instead of run. I just want to take your attention on the construction stability of your website and their content.

Here, leave alone your website to get rank with low competition keywords. After your website getting older will be authorized by search engines by Google, bing, yahoo, etc…

Hey, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This is one more key indicator to see how your business grows. It means you should be aware of keywords benefit. If they don’t work, let’s optimise them until work. So your time will not be wasted. Google analytics and Word Press plugins allow you to scale your traffic.

Make Money


As you notice that we have mentioned all phases step by step roughly. At this point you have a;

  • Website
  • Content
  • Authorization on search engines
  • Traffic

for sure, the above things will bring you making money consistently. That manner can be reached out in 3-6 month accordingly your effort. After that you will love this process and settle down to work on this business.



The Power Of A Good Website.

I would like to tell you a few elements to understand making a powerful good website. When you realise these critical elements function, you will have a great website you ranked on Google with your long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have less traffic, but there are thousands. This is a rule of how affiliate marketers become successful.

Have you ever heard that content is king?

Firstly, I recommend you to have high-quality content. As I said to you before, just talk with your audience naturally in your post. Use none duplicate content be original. Explain the people with your style so you will have regular visitors(friends).

People have a visual memory. Sometimes an image can explain thousands of words. You should get used to having pictures related to your post to transfer your feeling.

The last thing is the engagement you must know. When

you write your idea or experience naturally people will want to talk with you. There is only a platform for your audience to access you. Right! Comment section. Please keep conversation with your friend in your comment section, too.

If you focus only these 3 things in the beginning, that’s enough.

  • Content is king
  • Images say thousands of words
  • People want to talk to you

How To Start Business Online For Free.

In that part, I highly recommend you to start a business adventure with Wealthy Affiliate. Since you learned very important headlines, which are keys for you. It is time to find the doors!

The product has everything to sell online. Do not wait for more, join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. This is your first step. When you become a member, you will reach some free tutorial.

l. Listen to them carefully to understand the logic of selling your product online. First of all, believe how system work. If you do not believe, you can not take action with your passion.


Let’s talk again important steps to remember.

  1. Understand Profit Circle
  2. Find a niche that makes you happy to learn or talk
  3. Build a Free website in Wealthy affiliate (Provided 2 free siterubix website)
  4. Get traffic with long tail keywords
  5. Make money for your investment

I hope you enjoyed here. Please keep in touch with me for any question. I will be happy to help you. I wish to make a passive income together.


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  1. I found this information very significant.
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    • Hello Brain,

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  2. Very good information here. You sound like you are saying that having a good foundation is what people starting an online business need to focus on. Good advice. I like your site and the blog is right on target. Thanks and looking forward to hearing more from you.

    • Hello Mr Jhon,

      Thank you so much for your interested.
      I try to do my best to create informative content.

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  4. Hi,
    Great summary about making an affiliate website! I appreciate the style of this article in articulating the information in a step-by-step process. Also that flow chat is a useful visual for me.
    Thank you for sharing this information to help me and others in building a profitable online business.

    • Hi Renae,

      Thanks for your comment. Following days, I am going to explain these steps in detail.
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