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Hi everyone ! Shogun is here to tell you how to become an affiliate marketer successfully.

The affiliate marketing industry is being used thousands of people but knows that only less percentage of them become a successful affiliate marketer. I strictly recommended you that believe this industry to build your future business. Affiliate marketing is not a lottery to become rich quickly. It needs labour and right effort. So I want to show you the right way with their obstacle. The first time you will see many handicaps this is why do not try to be perfect. Do not afraid to make a mistake.

If you read my first blog which is “What is an affiliate marketing?” you would see 5 phases. Actually, each phase includes a good deal of deep knowledge. We are going to start this exciting course with the first one.


Chose an affiliate program to sell your product

will write it down here proven good affiliate platform. You can choose one of them to sell a product to help people. Please remember that you should only think to help people to solve their problem. Otherwise, your business adventure will not be long-lived. Since people are looking for something which is useful. Respect their concern and see how the money will come to you.

While deciding your affiliate program we focus on your niche. Let me summarise what is the niche shortly for now. We are going to definitely talk about it in detail.

Niche is a small sub-section market. It means many things can be called as a niche such as hobbies, gender, holiday, affiliate marketing, lose to weight etc. This blog’s niche is affiliate marketing.

Let’s talk about an affiliate marketing program.

  1. Wealth affiliate program – Include great education and high-profit affiliate program (Recommended)


2. Clickbank – Includes digital product often


3. Commission junction – Include many brands to make a commission


4. JVzoo – Include digital product often

5. Amazon, e-bay – Popular website, includes much different product. (After fixing your website)

The first step become an affiliate marketer

believe that people who want to know how much investment necessary before becoming an affiliate marketer. Some of them want to invest their time actually this is more expensive, other people want to invest money to take action without knowledge. I suggest you join one of the excellent affiliate programs. I use Wealth affiliate program.

In this case, you either chose popular affiliate marketing niche also become an affiliate marketer. On the other hand, you will reach out with many training videos and lots of successful people who want to help you. Since we know the difficulties to find the true information. Many of us give up to walk in this industry because of that.


Good luck



  1. Hello Mr Shogun,
    I am really interested in affiliate marketing and find out your website.
    Nowadays, it is really difficult to live with salary and keep up the life well.
    Please keep in touch for my first step in affiliate marketing.
    Thank you for your informative website and your sharing.

    • Dear Hasan,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I definitely agree with you to increase life standard with a regular salary.
      Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to create your own business. So, you can offer your product to solve the problem of your audience.
      Let’s educate yourself for your first step. I highly recommend you to start with Wealthy Affiliate. You can access product review. –> Click here.

      If you have any question please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me via below e-mail

      Take care

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