Affilorama Review in 2019 a Legit or Scam Product – (With Pros and Cons)

Affilorama is one of the popular free and paid affiliate marketing program which was founded by Mark Ling in 2006. Affilorama provides written and video lessons, tools and tips to make you succeed an entrepreneur for whom ask how do I start an affiliate marketing business.

The Affiliate marketing job is a long term business model and when you build it properly once then you will have a consistent income stream. The problem is to know how to develop strong construction to build on it. This program will teach you the basic information, advanced tactics and behind of marketing logic.

What is the Affilorama Affiliate Program About?

Product Name: Affilorama

Product Owner: Mark Ling

Founded: 2006

Price(Include three-module):

  • Pathway to Passive cost: $37
  • AffiloTools cost: Free (only for member)
  • AffiloJetpack: $997

Legit: Yes

Recommended: Yes

It is producing high-quality education about online business. As of today, the program has more than 840K followers. These members can choose below packages in this program.

  1. Pathway to passive
  2. AffiloTools
  3. AffiloJetpack

Before I breakdown above modules, I would like to inform you that a member wants to able to start one of them as free or paid which will provide you premium educations and tools to get better your business in a short time.

Not: I am a member of Affilorama since July 2nd, 2015. This is an honest and latest version review. Information can be different on other websites.

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What Services Does Affilorama include?

As of 2019 Affilorama product includes several tutorials, laser-targeted tools, step by step education videos and support the community with three modules which are Pathway passive income, AffiloTools, AffiloJetpack.

Moreover, Affilorama has a very good introduction to explain to you “How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? So, you will learn how much money you can make and how to get starting. I guess you probably know

w what is the Niche and how you can select a profitable one to get the best result. After choosing your niche, Affilorama will provide relevant contents to give you an idea that makes you confident to write unique and valuable content for your readers.

Of course, the course is not only focused on affiliate marketing tutorial for beginner but also for advance skill member. When you build your business system right once, then you will definitely build your sky tower as you wish. I suggest you, join a free version to understand well what is the Affilorama affiliate program about.

==> Click here to join free.

1. Pathway to Passive

The first education module of Affilorama with the low-cost program was created by Mark Ling who is a founder. The program holds key elements of affiliate marketing to promote any kind of niche. If you are a newbie, should focus on that program starting to learn;

  • How to find a profitable niche market by finding effective affiliate products to promote in that niche to generate a passive income stream.
  • How to attract the right people to eliminate your wasting time. There is no doubt in my mind that the most important thing for affiliate marketing. If you cannot reach out the right people, most probably you will never get your result.

Think about this website, If I would explain that “Can you get rich from affiliate marketing?” I would never reach out to people like you who have an idea of what to know. Please read this article to understand before starting to understand the logic to realize how important to find the right people.

==> The Customer Purchase Lifecycle

  • How to convert your visitors into buyers. This trick will help you to sell your product in your niche and help your audience to get more confident. (I suppose that you will promote legal and useful products.) If so, you will follow up wonderful tutorials to put your readers into a funnel that increase your conversion ratio amazingly.
  • How to create content that attracts links. Do not forget, you may have many competitors in your niche. If so, you need help to create content that attracts links. The program will teach you 16 creative ideas for link-bait content so your links will be more authoritative links. Moreover, Search engines will love your website for ranking on the first page.Otherwise, your website will never get rank on SERP even get banned with low-quality / spam backlinks from SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

    As a summary, the program is low cost and friendly for new entrepreneurs.

Who Is It For

Pathway Affilorama testimonials

2. AffiloTools

AffiloTools is large dashboard was developed for you to check your website; search engine ranking, revenue, traffic, competitor status, building useful backlinks, website healthy and more. In this case, you will track your business progress and be aware of opportunities.

3.AffiloJetpack (AJP)

The program is designed to build your business with all detail not only information about what you need but also getting core tools to use in your website. The comprehensive course price is high but If you have it, you will find everything inside.

If you had concerns like below,

  • I set up a website, it does not work
  • I create e-mail list but no conversion
  • I wrote many articles but not ranked on page 1 in SERP
  • I cannot increase my traffic even work hard.
  • My chosen topic was not profitable

… then you will get help with AJP to build or re-build your business campaign which works for you. AJP include 4 components to cover the above concerns.

The successful system consists of 7 steps according to AffiloJetpack. You will be an expert in a way.

Step1: Generating targeted visitor

Step2: Creating a valuable free report for your visitors

Step3: Visitors take an informative solution

Step4: Building a relationship with your readers

Step5: Start promoting your product

Step6: Increase your profit by applying the system again and a(gain)

Step7: Make them all automatically.

AffiloJetpack Components

Component #1

More than 90 crafted emails designed and focused on to build trust and make sale with high conversion. In my opinion, even so you should re-write them uniquely to be different from your competitors. At least they will help you to gain time. At the same time you can design them as you wish.

Writing an e-mail series is not easy but when you set up once, you can use them forever. In this business people leave quickly due to lots of work before lunch their campaign. That’s why I like this kind of help. It should not be forgotten that your subscriber list in your victory to make passive income.

Component #2

In the affiliate business industry landing page known the first step for sales funnels. The conversion ratio depends on how good a title you have and what you promote as free bonuses. AJP will provide 3 good quality free report so It will increase your subscriber ratio. And then you should put your e-mails which were provided in component#1 to convert sales.

Simultaneously, you can find many useful free tutorials on the internet by using a strategy to make your landing page better.

I suggest you watch this free course. (Click here)

Some keywords for you

Landing page hook

Landing page call to action

Landing page lead magnet

Pre-sale page

Component #3

One of the most common ways to build a consistent business is creating your own website with a host. AJP will set up that for you with their host so you can generate posts with your keywords. When you keep in touch with your audience once, traffic will increase cumulatively. This is a key element but AJP style is good at in that method. Also, you will find Affilotheme and 12 months of host service.

Component #4

The difficult part is creating unique content that search engines and readers will love. On the internet includes several tutorials about it. So AJP know that the people can not do it easily by oneself. Since you need to search about topic and find the right keywords (Affilotools will help you).

AJP will provide you with the cheat list that brings you new ideas to create several unique contents. On the other hand, Mark Ling offers writers for you. If you are not good at writing or it takes lots of time for you then you can think to hire one.

Honestly, component #4 strategy is a not bad idea but not enough to solve this problem. I know, maybe this is the most difficult part of this business but you should definitely improve your skill in this area. Do not afraid. Just take action.

I suggest you watch this tutorial. (Click here.)


How much cost does AffiloJetpack?

What is advantages and disadvantages

(Pros and Cons of Affilorama)


  • Free membership includes many tutorials.
  • Free access to AffiloTools
  • Affilorama was preferred by 800K member until now.
  • SEO tips are effective
  • Content creation outsource method is unique
  • Competitors searching is well-thought-of
  • Pathway module is a good startup
  • Website navigation is easy to use
  • Support mechanism works well
  • Affilorama blog is live to learn the newest news about the affiliate marketing industry
  • Mark Ling is a reputable person in this game


  • AffiloJetpack module cost is expensive
  • Include out-of-date information in some small part.
  • Mark Ling cannot answer all question personally
  • There are many cost up

Is Affilorama Worth It

Still, want to ask that Is Affilorama a Scam or Legal, It is a legal and good product. You can startup with that program to learn the logic behind affiliate marketing and core elements which you need to set up all to make your business durable. Especially Affilotools is free and has the perfect design. Affilorama provides several great tips.

However, AffiloJetpack price is high for people who want to be an entrepreneur such as students, low-incomers or housewives. In this case, I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate product as a great alternative. It does not include cost up and more alive. The opportunity is to meet many successful members is over there and there is a culture there in the community loves to support and help each other.

Click here to check the Wealthy Affiliate review.

My #1 Recommendation !




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  1. Great article. I’ve never heard about it, but it looks to be a good program. It is expensive however, I think it could take a while to get profit out of it, or do I see it wrong? Thanks for sharing it with us, I’m going to consider for taking it. 

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      If you do not have experience about how to drive traffic to your website, you are right. It can take time to get profit. On the other hand, if you can use tips about paid advertising method and optimise it properly then you can get profit with Affilorama. 

      As you can see in my article that Affilojetpack price is high but if you promote this product via Clickbank then you can get a good profit because the commission is 50%.

      Have a nice day!

  2. Thank you for this excellent and indepth review of Affilorama. I have used their free version and it’s good for finding out the basic information on affiliate marketing and all that this business model entails. As you have stated and I agree, the paid version is just too expensive so I didn’t opt-in. I was lucky to find a much better system and so much more affordably priced at Wealthy Affiliate. On the whole, Affilorama is not going to disappoint but there are other options out there and definitely worth exploring. 

  3. I have been an Affilorama member for almost 2 years now. I haven’t purchased any of their paid programs but I’ve been using AffiloTools and taking advantage of their free training and I can say that it’s a pretty high-quality platform.

    Also, Mark Ling, Affilorama’s owner is a very successful entrepreneur and I actually attend most of his free live webinars.

    The only con of Affilorama is that contains some outdated lessons such as those on creating a website with Dreamweaver and HTML.

    • Thank you Harry for your experience with Affilorama. Unfortunately, online marketing is growing so fast. Some of informations can be outdate often due to new strategies.

      Have a great day. 

  4. I have known about mark for quite sometime and I know he has made a lot of money and had a lot of experience which is why I am really considering this program. But I was wondering if the payments are a one time payment or is it going to be paid on a monthly basis? 

  5. Great article and well explained enough for a beginner even to understand, I agreed with you about getting the right audience will lead to sales and making it in an online business,building website with product selling without right audience is a waste of time.Kudos to you on this article thanks.

  6. In my opinion affilorama is an honest site, good training, mostly legit info, and it provides much more value than most internet marketing products. Plus, their basic membership is free, however, the only issue I have with them is when you start buying their packages, it gets pretty expensive, especially if you buy everything they have to offer. Considering that the community is not very active, and support is very limited. With this been said I’ll stick to your number one recommendation.Thanks 

    • Thank you very much, my friend, with your Affilorama experience.

      I am happy to hear that you will go on with my first recommendation.

      There is no doubt in my mind that you will find more than what you want.

      Good luck

  7. Shogun,

    Awesome article. I had no idea Affilorama existed. That’s awesome that they offer a free and paid membership. Do they team other ways of attracting traffic that is not SEO? Thinks like Pay-Per-Click ads and Facebook ads?

    Also, which website builder do they recommend? WordPress or something else? And how much training do they have on creating your own site?

    Finally, how does their training compare to Wealthy Affiliate? I know WA is your #1 recommendation but are they comparable or does one have a lot more content than the other?

    Thank you again for a very informative article.

    – Mason

    • Hello Mason,

      Great questions. Affilorama education’s traffic method includes all kind of traffic. Also, they recommend the WordPress platform to build websites. You will learn everything about WordPress within a week. Hope it will guide you.

      On the other hand, Wealthy affiliate is a similar platform with Affilorama but WA community is awesome. When you stuck in somewhere, you can find a friend who helps you. Just ask a question is enough. Not only the community but also training are awesome. That’s why Wealthy affiliate is only one I have to recommend everyone.

      Best regards


  8. Hi Shogun,
    Good to know about another of affiliate marketing called Affilorama. I have heard many of this marketing. You have shown another and different way. It is important to identify the legit ways to earn. Thak you to show such path. As it provides several tutorials, laser-targeted tools, step by step education videos, it will be very helpful to do something good in affiliate marketing. Moreover I liked that it has got the free starting modules though the AffiloJetpack (AJP) is so costly. However, I think this can be right way to make good for own.

    • Hi, Harber.

      Thank you for your comment. Affilorama has a very practical dashboard to start for free. By the way, AJP cost is high 🙂 I agree with you. It can change depends on entrepreneurs.

  9. After the 12 months of included hosting, what happens to your site? And security is a huge concern in today’s world so is there any type of site security offered? I also noticed the website is set up for you and I was wondering is that a great idea for those that wanna learn how to build websites? By the name affilaroma, I imagine it is only showing people how to become affiliate marketers.

    That doesn’t leave much room for the individuals looking to diversify their online entrepreneurship. It sounds like a great program, and I’m sure many have found a way to earn by using it. For that price tag, I’d just expect a little more. This review was awesome and I am glad to have read it.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Hello Shannon,

      Thank you for your compliment for my review. Firstly, you can extend your website duration with Affilorama after 12 months if you were satisfied. Do not worry about security also because the Affilorama is not a fresh company. On the other hand, I will explain to you more detail about how to set up your website and give your cheat list to put valuable information for getting targetted traffic so please contact by e-mail: support@mrshogunaffiliates.com.

      It will take time to write here. I am going to share with you something. Hope you will enjoy.

      Best regards

  10. Great work Mr Shogun.Your impartial in-depth analysis of Affilorama is splendid.Supposing I go for AJP are there other strings attached besides the USD997.

    • Thank you for your comment Cyrus. I am happy that you find an honest review as you need!
      Good luck

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