About Me

It’s me with my daughter

Hi everyone! Welcome to my “mrshougunaffiliates” website. I really appreciate talking with you here.


My name is Gokhan. I was born in 1988. I am married have a daughter so far. Working in the automotive industry as an engineer.

My work life has so many stressful. Because of that, I was looking for elegant work to gain time for my family.


I have started an online business since 2016. There are lots of content on the internet to make money online platform. Please check it out before your focus. You are going to see several ways to grow up your life standard. Since in this industry will never end in terms of people will be more interested day by day to buy from the internet. It is so fast and easy, is not it?

For me, It is nearly time to quit my stressful job 🙂

WHY I am here!

I am going to definitely show how you can achieve your business online adventure so we can grow our business together. This is the best way to apply your knowledge by getting the result. Actually, you will see that we are not alone here. We are going to learn together and see the result as possible as quickly but honestly, it will take some time based on your effort and passions 🙂 Maybe, a few weeks or months.

However, will see many manifestos that someone makes money online 6 figure or more in a week even day in this industry 🙂

Be careful! Totally harmful and far away from reality.

In fact, is teamwork.
It is high time to join in this community.


What is the purpose of my website?

The website will be a leverage effect to your financial freedom. I can not give you fish but teach you how to catch it. After a certain time, you will teach your friends too. As I said before this is the best way to apply your skill effectively. The website is going to be shared with you only useful contents for everything not only earn extra money from the internet but also give you many great habits to make your life productive. This is why important is to subscribe to my website and suggest to your friends to read for learning deeply.

First of all, you have to learn how to guarantee your economic freedom then you will be closer to your dream. So, we will mainly focus on great content to make benefit online without investment except for your time. This is the first step of course. Respectively you will learn investment with a small budget to make a profit bigger and bigger. Because of that to read every blog one by one and implement try to what you learn. During your adventure please do not hesitate to ask to question me and the community.

Remember that!


Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

– Paulo Coelho –

Best wishes

Gokhan Shogun

Founder of the ” www.mrshogunaffiliates.com ” brand.